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The 4 Surefire Cyber Monday Selling Secrets That No One Else Will Tell You

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This will be the slogan of the online stores on Cyber Monday. Every e-commerce entrepreneur will look forward to convincing the shopper their offers are the best. Despite this, some store owners will earn their highest profit while others will sing a sad music.

How then will you emerge a champion on this cyber race? Is there a secret the best sellers know that enables them to stand out on all Cyber Monday deals? After every Cyber Monday, you won’t miss the names like Amazon and Apple on the news headlines of top gainers.  Here are the secrets they are not disclosing to you:

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Create clocked deadlines on your offer

It is a cyber-Monday, not a browsing Monday. People are not going online to look for the trending music albums neither; they are not here to search for names to give to their newly born pets. Shopping is the reason keeping them online.

In this essence, you should take this opportunity to promote your offers through introducing time sensitivity. For instance, you can offer a discount with a limit of two or three hours. When a customer visits your stone and notices the time is elapsing, they will make an immediate purchase to avoid missing out. As a result, you will maximize your sales.

Seek customer referrals through grouped discount

Who would not love a high discount offer and all you need is ask your friends to shop? Of course, no one could afford to miss such a chance. During the Cyber Monday deals, you can take the opportunity to seek for a new customer through grouped discounting.

Here you offer a discount to a group shopping together. And since, shopping takes place online you request your current customers to refer their peers to enjoy a specific discount. For instance, you can have an offer where a product going for $200 will sell at $130 for a group of 15 shoppers. With this, friends will request their peers aiming at clinching this offer. In the end, you will earn new customers and increase your revenues.

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Start your Cyber Monday offers early

While the event is set out for a Monday, you will commit no crime by starting offering discounts on Saturday or even from days before the Thanksgiving Day. Shoppers do not need products on Cyber Monday but are continually searching for better deals online.

By starting your offers early, you not only earn new customers, but you also enhance your chances of getting referrals on the D-day.  As you know, the early bird catches the worm; early deals give you an upper hand over your rivals.

Prepare your online store for high traffics

On this day, downtimes and unavailability is the best formula to lose. Before the cyber Monday, check all areas of your online store and ensure it will have the capacity to handle multiple transactions. Ensure your software and packages are up-to-date.

Also, check whether your transaction processing system is okay. Through this, you will avoid cases of cart abandonment which is a sickening practice that can ruin your business for the entire holiday season.

All in all, make sure your e-commerce site will sustain the traffic pressure without any serious issue during the Cyber Monday deals.

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In a word, Cyber Monday is your day to make your desired profits or regrettable losses. All these will depend on your ability to follow the above secrets or just ignoring them. With this information, it is your time to rank your online shop at the same level with Amazon and likes during this year’s Cyber Monday deals.   

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